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IEM choice help

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Budget: $<130 

Source: Samsung s3 (no amp/dac)

Requirements for Isolation: I'll be around other people mostly with these, so isolation would be nice

Preferred type: IEM's. 

Tonal Balance: Treble is very important, as well as bass. Balanced

Used in the past: Just some cheap Samsung ear buds

Preferred music: Mostly indie rock/alternative, but also hip hop, classic rock

Order of Importance:
Sound Quality            

I've been looking into iem's a little on head-fi and narrowed my choices down to several products. I was wondering if someone could l give me some feed back and suggestions. Also I will probably just carry these around loose in my pocket or around my neck so they would have to be pretty durable.

* Panasonic stereo earphones white RP-HJE900-W(

* HIFIMAN - RE-400(

* Yamaha EPH-100SL(

* Brainwavz B2(

* Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE(

* Monster Turbine High Performance(

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When deciding on a IEM, durability is a huge factor. I wouldn't suggest those monster turbine IEMs. They break easily and good luck trying to use your warranty.
I personally like Shure because they have great support and they don't break easily. If there's a problem Shure will take care of you. That's why I continue to stick with them(se846).
They might be a bit bass heavy for some. If you like a lot of bass you can get the enhanced bass version
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