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There's a new build of the ODA over at DIYAUDIO if anyone is interested:




You can follow this persons build to see if you think you might want to tackle the project!



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Originally Posted by adydula View Post

Hey I have used my DIY ODA for almost a year now and its as good and better than the O2, which I have 2 and have AB tested them.


The ODA is hands down more versatile and more powerful than the O2.


We are waiting on a second round of objective measurements and some re-check measurements on the O2 itself.


You can build one or there may be a site that might in the near future be selling them



Are there any downsides or caveats I should be aware of before deciding to purchase the parts to build AGDR's desktop o2 amp? I am mostly interested in the fact it's an original o2 but with the connections on the back panel. I'd also enjoy the benefits he's introduced but am weary of any issues that may be introduced with his changes. Have most of the downsides and issues he had with his first version been fixed by now?

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The only downsides is it costs more, and you have to build it......other than that there are no real downsides that I know of.....you can send AGDR a PM and ask him directly.


Also over at diyaudio.com site there are hundreds of posts from many builders etc all about the ODA.


Some state its better soundwise than the O2, In my AB tests I cant tell.....but there are many others benefits of the ODA over the O2 that mea a lot to me and maybe to you or not...


If you decide to build one you will find the folks at DIY will be there as will AGDR to help you along if needed.



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Another ODA takes flight!!!


This is a set of pictures of the desktop O2 variant that was completed by a person in Europe, with the ODAC integrated into the case.


These ODA's are rare, and becoming very desirable compared to the original O2.


Details can be found over at diyAudio in the headphone section.


Note: Missing knobs because the builder is looking for knobs with red markings.



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Try using burson audio V5(designer component, but worth every penny)instead of lme49990 with DC precision opamp 827....believe me...

This will take you to another world of audio

Actually not tested by dscope

But slew rate, oscillations and lower distortion rate are superior till 40KHz vs adgr default oda till 38khz(distort....small jigyness) vs orignal oda at 26khz

Sound fantastic, its true about burson opamp transparency...it sounds like without walls and soundstage to huge without loosing signature...its like more cleaner and with instrument seperation...

But the price will go ****ty up

And agdr, thanks for updating nwavguy oda
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