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Sound signature test

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Guys I have recently joined these forums because I have had so much luck finding information for my needs on here.


I've had a pair for Shure E3c's for quite a long time. They were my first upgrade over factory headphones ad I couldn't have been happier with the improvement.


Now those E3's have started to have issues and the right monitor is shorting out, so I'm in the market for a new pair. I love the IEMs, and after having spent some time reading Joker's and ClieOS's roundup reviews, I realize how much I've been missing out on.


I've read all about the different sound signatures, but I honestly could not tell you what sounds more appealing to me because I've only really ever had the one decent set. I primarily use my IEMs with my iphone to listen to Pandora or my iTunes library, or (maybe even moreso) use them to watch movies and videos.


So my question is this, would it be a good idea for me to purchase a few different sets of inexpensive IEMs, with a set from each sound signature, to determine what my preference is? Is there a place for me to critically sit and test a few so that I don't have to buy any? I was thinking about picking the least expensive pair from each category in Joker's 2014 buyer's guide to get a good sampling, or will the inexpensive nature not give me a good representation of that sound signature?


I apologize if this has been asked and answered before. If it has, please just like me the proper forum and I'll continue to do my homework.


Thanks guys for the responses ahead of time.

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You may try the Philips Golden Ear test to identify the sound signature you prefer.  Might save you some money.


I believe it is still free for trying it online. 


You could manipulate the sound signature to some extent with your source.  What I have found difficult (if not possible) to recreate is the timbre, which has a much better impact on the sound quality, than the most typical components of signature. 


Good luck with your search.

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That's how you're wallet disappears.
You can use custom eqs.
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