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HD 600 grills for my HD580. High price?

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I bought recently my HD580. I wanted them for years, but always they were something that I could live without (expensive stuff).


Now I have them and I want to buy grills from HD600, I live in Canada and I asked sennheiser support for parts. grills are $28.40 for each. Isn't it to expensive? I also want to buy cable from HD650 and it is $16.67. Is it wort it to pay over $80 for that parts?






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Here in the UK, I can get two grills and the cable for £36 delivered, so $80 does seem a little high

In my experience, the HD600 grills are a decent upgrade, they look much nicer and open the sound up a bit. The cable made no sonic difference at all, as far I could tell.
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Thank you for your both answers ;)

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Im not a huge fan of the HD580 cable and earcup cosmetics, and I prefer the sound of the 650 over the 600/580.  So for me, those items (in addition to 650 divers)  have been a worthy investment.  I owned these two for a month, and sold the gray stock one.


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I will probably do it myself and mod my grills. Cheapest way ;)

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I'v been running my HD600s with out any grills at all for the past 1.5-2 years.  As far as I could tell when I first took them off it opened up the sound stage, brought out the highs a bit more and the lows a little less.  I also replaced the foam in between the driver and ear with speaker fabric which probably contributes to the changed sound signature.  


If you're buying new grills to change your headphones sonically and not cosmetically I wouldn't spend almost $30 each for them.  Try them without grills and see if you like the change, buying 600 grills will only make the change much less apparent.


EDIT: Lots of people upgrade the the 650 cable just because it's thicker and a lot more sturdy $16 is plenty reasonable imo.

There are a few members in the HD600 appreciation thread who could tell you more about the mods ( can't remember their names atm).

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That's very useful. I wanted to ask about taking off grills and how it is compared to HD600 grills. Now I know.

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