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I just had a horrible night, the 4th event in my horrible night (also including my 2 prize fish jumping around my glass cover out of my sw aquarium and neither survived even though I found them quickly) -- anyways,  something (unknown) clipped off the top of one of the 6n11 tubes in my hlly little dot 3 clone.    They are the original hlly sourced tubes.


I am a tube moron,   I intend at some point to do a retrofit to replace the broken (when I got it) cages around a couple of the larger tubes and to make some of the non-tube modifications I have read about around the internet or on this site.   I'm able with a soldering iron but electronic theory is a little bit beyond me,  i'm bordering on dysnumeric.    I ordered a pair of pairs of 6n11 tubes immediately assuming that worst case scenario I wasted $40 and best case scenario they will be the right tubes and ordering sooner makes sense when they are from HK or shenzen.    I got a pair of "russian" 6n11's and a pair of "chinese" non millitary 6n11's.   However there were a number of other numbers included in the listings and others I looked at - are tubes like this fairly interchangeable (assuming replacing in pairs is essential?)  ... I dont have the tube in question handy but it had pale white translucent writing and very little information beyond the 6n11.    I havent looked up the manual or any specs pages (i.e. for sale) on the hlly unit or the original little mk3 nor have I waded into sites talking about tube audiophile upgrades.


If there is a pair of affordable upgrades that would be absolutely superior (and possibly closer than HK) that I should be ordering,   im open to suggestions ... 


Other question is regarding bias ... i've never actually had to replace a tube in any of my tube equipment - i've heard about bias adjustment but know no more than the words ... are there any other complications or adjustments I will need to make assuming they are the right tubes?


One point to make is that the hlly mk3 is extremely difficult to disassemble - certain parts of the disassembly involve desoldering based on past exerpience although any pros who know more on the matter,  i'd love to hear more info.


Thanks.    Tube Newbie.


(really missing my headphone amp - having to use an old stereo amp to run my akg 271mk2 somewhat modified cans is painful and really different for mixing recordings, etc.