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Hi guys,


I've been using a Cowon J3 with Klipsch S4 for a few years now and I'm quite happy with the sound I have. However, my Cowon is slowly dying, so I just got a 7th gen iPod 160G which I managed to Rockbox, and I'm now trying to get it to sound as close as possible to my Cowon, but I'm far from being a sound expert. I tried playing around with the settings but I'm not getting closer to it, I don't get all the subtleties of the various settings available, which is why I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me out based on my J3 settings :


EQ :

80 Hz (wide) : +9

220 Hz (wide) : +5

780 Hz (wide) : +4

3.0 kHz (wide) : +5

13 kHz (wide) : +9


BBE : 9

Mach3Bass : 5

3D Surround : OFF

MP Enhance : ON

Stereo Enhance : 6

Reverb : OFF


Thanks for your help !