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Fiio X5

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I just ordered a Fiio X5 and 2 128gb micro sd card for it. Fiio Claim that the Player has an amp built in. Will that be enough to drive my HD650 or HD800. If not, give me a few recommendations.

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The X5 had plenty of power when I tried it - it would have blown my AKG K240 DFs had I turned it up enough.


These are insensitive, high impedance headphones, not a doddle to drive. HD800s and 650s, at 300 ohms, will be fine in terms of volume.


This is with the firmware in the X5 box when introduced in the UK - I understand that levels may differ with future firmware versions, if the Fiio X3 2.14b firmware is anything to go by! This update effectively halves the X3 volume at this time.

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Awesome. I cant wait. :)

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