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For Sale: Bottlehead Smack WOT Headphone Amp

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For Sale:
Bottlehead Smack WOT Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

PLEASE NOTE before you read on: This is a 240V unit.


I have for sale one carefully built Bottlehead Smack WOT headphone amplifier. I have upgraded the volume control to an Alps, the filament /supply electrolytic capacitors to superior products (Vishay/BC and Jensen), and the output capacitors to extremely fine sounding Rel Cap polypropylene models. The mains transformer cover has been spray painted black, and the wooden base has been painted with clear lacquer. I have also added an “On” indicator light (LED). The chassis plate is anodized medium bronze, and it has not been permanently fixed to the wood base for ease of servicing/modification. This amplifier is in perfect working condition and I have used it for less than 50 hours. I used it mainly as a reference while constructing and fine tuning my 2 DIY headphone amps. I paid $549 for the kit, and I am now selling it at a really attractive price, which also includes express air postage (with tracking) to the buyer.

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Wow, that a good looking amp and build. If this were the US version I'd be interested. 

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I'm just wondering how would this amp be compared with the SEX amps? :D

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too many PM sents! (-:

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