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First off, I know that prices are different amongst these three, so lets keep the discussion solely on performance. (The consideration is that I'd probably hunt for any of these if they went on sale or I would hunt for used ones)


Secondly, I already know the arguments in favor of open-back headphones, so lets just keep the discussion within the realms of closed-back/DJ headphones. (While the following questions can be followed up by suggesting a good pair of open-backs, I would not want to consider open-backs in this case as I would appreciate not having the outside noise/having the noise flow out of the headphones AND would probably use these while travelling/during long car trips/flights.)


With that out of the way, I was wondering how well each of these would perform in terms of music (I listen to a good bit of rock, j-pop, chiptunes, techno, ska, and a bit of classical), gaming (I game quite a bit and I would inevitably use one of these off of a PC or something like the PS Vita/3DS. I may look into a portable amp for this reason.), and vocals (A lot of my favorite music choices tend to be vocal heavy and I need good vocal performance as I do record podcasts and would need something that could help me while editing. I do also intend to stream a bit).


Which would suit my needs better?