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Is there a way to turn a wireless headphone into a wireless headset?

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Hello everyone,


I want a headset for two main uses - gaming and skype. I appreciate good sound quality, but two years ago just went with a wired Turtle Beach headset (didn't know of better options at the time). After some wear and tear, the cord is now pulled and frayed, and thus I needed a new headset. Upon checking out the latest gaming headsets, the idea for a WIRELESS headset became very attractive. I did a good amount of research, and after seeing/reading some positive reviews I purchased a Sony Pulse Elite. I now hate this headset, and now you can all please feel free to have a chuckle at my expense. :-)

Doing more research, I learned that some gamers use better quality headphones ("Sennheiser" is a name that comes up a lot) and attach a mic (like a Zalman Zm-Mic1) and some use a mixamp (like the Astro Gaming Mixamp). With this kind of setup however, it seems that a wire must run from both the attached mic, as well as the headphones to the mixamp.

My question - is there a good set of wireless headphones that I can attach a mic to, in order to use as a wireless headset for both gaming and Skype? Surround is also highly desirable.

I've combed through this form for a couple days, and couldn't not find this information.

Thanks very much for your help.


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Hmm... Wired headphones provide better quality sound, so maybe you should pick a wired open back headphone with a detachable cable? If you are set on getting Bluetooth, then I'm out of suggestions. :-\
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Well it sounds like you are saying that the only true wireless headsets are the gaming headsets (PLYR, Astro, TB, Gold Wireless and Pulse Elite). Is that true? When I was doing research for headsets, the audiophiles would slam these headsets, and recommend others, but if what you're saying is true, these others aren't really better wireless headsets, they are only better if you want to be hassled with wires.

To be honest, I'm considering going back to wires, because I do realize a big drop in sound quality in using a wireless headset. At the same time, it's VERY nice to be able to put a wireless headset on, and not have to be hassled with any wires. Unfortunately, it sounds like I can't have both :-(  Maybe I should consider the Astro 50? I've heard it's a big jump in quality from the others.


By the way, the "detachable cable" you mentioned - is that to prevent me from and fraying/ruining a cable when it gets pulled while stuck on something?

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No, a detachable cable is as it sounds: you can take the cable on and off of the headphones, and if it gets caught on something, the cable will just fall off the headphones with no damage most of the time... And... Well, there's creative aurvana platinum and gold (both Bluetooth.) That's 300$ and 200$. I haven't heard anything about them, but creative aurvana Live!'s are good. Maybe you should look into them?
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And the Aurvana platinums have an option to use wires.
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Well the main thing is that you answered my question. It's funny, cause the audiophiles who smash on the gaming headsets never mention that the headphones they are suggesting are wired and not wireless. IF a person really wants wireless as a feature, then to suggest a wired headphone seems kinda moot. But I was thinking that I could maybe get one of the wireless headPHONES they recommended, and also a wireless mic - but it seems there are no wireless mics out there. So you have confirmed that my options are limited to the wireless headsets, and for that I thank you for confirming! :-)

I checked out the creative aurvana platinum and gold (thanks for the suggestion), but the reviews were mixed. I was thinking of going with the PLYR1, but the Sony Gold Wireless is currently $93 with no tax on Amazon, while the PLYR1 was $177 PLUS tax (another 15 bucks - gotta love living in socialist Taxifornia). My budget is a little tight currently, so I figured the difference isn't going to be worth an extra 100 dollars. I may be wrong on that, but if this headset is at least decent, I'll just limp home and call it a day.

Maybe at some point in the future I'll consider a better wired setup, but since I'm not really listening to music on them and just using them for gaming and voice chat, not sure it's worth the investment.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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