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gr 07 correct wearing

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Hi guys!
I've just got my first ever IEM, vsonic gr07 classic. I'm just wondering how to wear them correctly.
Cable upwards
Cable upwards+over the ear
Cable downwards
Do I need the earguides?
I couldn't find anything about it here. It's possibly because it's straightforward, but I don't know:-)
I'd be appreciated if you could upload photos as well, please.
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Hello, just enter 'gr07' into Google images - you'll see the wearing style easily enough.


As for ear hooks, some people prefer them and others don't bother with them, just experiment and see if they help or get in the way.

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Thank you for your answer! That's what I did, but there were around 4-5 different wearing picture confuse me.
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The 'traditional' way with this style is to have the wire over the back of the ears and down, but again you need to experiment and find what's best for you.

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Thank you!
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