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Looking for budget IEM

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I am looking for a new IEM but more importantly I'm on a strict budget. I simply cannot exceed 44 dollars and I have been through an extensive amount of research for a good IEM under 40 dollars. I'm down to these few choices and really need help deciding.


1 - SoundMAGIC E10

2 - Brainwavz R1

3 - Brainwavz ProAlpha

4 - Xaomai Pistons (Right now i cannot do these because of the 3-4 week shipping, but if their worth it, i can wait a few weeks before i get them)


I should probably mention my favorite genres of music. I mainly listen to rock/metal/rap. Artists such as Five Finger Death Punch, Incubus, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, Creed, and Eminem. I appreciate your help very much.

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Can't go wrong with SoundMagic E10. Highly recommend. They were my gateway drug into audio, plus they're rather versatile to many genres. After I tried every earphone instore at my local shopping mall getting no-where  I found the E10 through google searches (and Head-fi), after hearing them my eyes were opened to entire new light of sound.  Of course their will be limitations but they leave IEM's like CX300ii behind. 

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You might be able to find faster shipping with penon audio
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Ahh, thank you so much. I'm leaning closer and closer to the E10's.

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This may sound a little surprising but when it comes to absolute budget iems the best i've heard so far is the turtle beach m1. I picked it up on sale for $10 and for that price it sounds pretty damn good plugged into my galaxy s5. Sound is fairly flat with a slight v shape, nothing stands out too much and the soundstage is pretty good too. Instrument separation and vocals are average but clarity is excellent and strings in particular sound fantastic. They also have an inline remote and mic which makes them even better value, the only thing questionable is the build quality, the braided cable covering may not last that long. Comfort is excellent, they fit over securely over your ears and stay in place very well during walking and running.

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