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My new wireless shures

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So, quick story.  I had an LG Tone+ wireless headset.  My cats chewed through the wires that go from the unit to the earbuds.  


I said, I won't let this get me down.  Soldered in new wires.  Got thinking.... I have an extra shure headset wire.  Well a little while later, and now I have shure 425's sitting on a wireless hookup.  And since shures have tips that can come off, I can use any shure buds, or the new Logitech UE's on it.


a few burn marks on my desk, not the best work ever.  But they work!  And they sound a hell of alot better than the buds that came on it did.  Just thought I'd share this here, since you guys may appreciate it. 

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This is me drooling...

If I send you a new Tone, a pair of SE215, and some cash, could/would you do it again?
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Now this is some innovative thinking!

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Gilly87 - Yes, can and would.  Few things I'd say first though.

1.  Black cables will look nicer

2.  I don't need the headphones, just the cable.  I have 215's and 425's i can test on. 

3.  I have not gone so far as opening up the unit and soldering onto the board.  This is a solder connection between 2 wires, using shrink wrap to keep it snug and safe.  I can't guarantee it to be as perfect or reliable as the originals.  

4.  However, I do think I can make it much prettier than what I cobbled together on mine.  I cut a wire too high on the shure side, and had to solder straight onto the connector.  Not fun, or pretty.  

5. PM me if you are still interested.  


cuiter23 - Thank my cats.  They chewed the original wire, and when I went to repair it, i said... why repair when you can improve?

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