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For Sale: FS: Hifiman HE-500

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: Hifiman HE-500

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my HE-500's that are in excellent condition. They work perfectly and sound amazing. 


All orignal items included in the sale: The HE-500's themselves, original case, , original silver cable, original pleather and velour pads, extra cable connectors, and documentation.


$475 including shipping and Paypal. Please message me with any questions. Thanks.

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Sorry, I should have said in the listing that I'm only looking to sell. Thanks though...

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Oh man, I would get it if its for worldwide shipping. GLWS :D

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Thought I had a sale and it fell through, so these are still available. Thanks.

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Sale pending...

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And sold! Thanks John!

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I'm John, the buyer of these HE-500 headphones from monkeysixtysix.


These headphones have both transported me to another planet and have doubled the size of my 4,440-song iTunes listening list!


Thanks to monkeysixtysix, I have had the unusually smooth purchase of these HE-500s.  I am listening to them now (and have been for the last 2 hours) to find that they have improved the performance of EACH of the songs I have tried them out upon so far.


In addition to offering these for purchase, he provided advice on the amount of playing time these have had (do you realize that headphones are one of the FEW items that become more valuable when used, thank to burn-n??) and his experience with amplifiers for them.


They convince me that every song I have in my library will sound new and different.


I have the the Stax SR-5 (1970s vintage) and the Grado PS500s as my top headphones, and both are excellent at transparency and mid-to-treble fidelity, even to the point of being able to detect bass pitch based on the harmonics.


But these HE-500s provide nearly the same "grab you by the throat and shake you" bass impact of my beloved Beats Pro *AT THE SAME TIME!* -- with the other two headphones, it has been an either-or proposition.


Great purchase.  Great seller!

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