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For Sale: Sennheiser HD 800 LNIB

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD 800 LNIB

Will Ship To: US & Canada

My audio adventures pretty much over and I've decided on sticking with my IE 800's. The HD 800's were purchased roughly about 2 months ago and they've been used about 30 times. They are in mint condition and they were purchased from an authorized Canadian dealer and shipped from Sennheiser Quebec.


Local pickup in Toronto preferred (willing to give a discount on that) but can ship to the US & Canada. Paypal fees covered by the buyer (I'm not doing any method of gifting and the buyer must have a confirmed Paypal address) and shipping will be covered by myself (will be shipped using express).


If you have any questions related to these send me a pm!


The S/N for the HD 800's are 28xxx.


-JH13's sold-

-HD 800's sold-

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So IE800 > JH 13 freq?

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Originally Posted by luvandp3ace View Post

So IE800 > JH 13 freq?

For me yes, I don't need something "perfectly" accurate or neutral just something I enjoy listening with.


To be honest though, when I first got into head-fi I read through threads after threads and thought the customs especially the JH 13's were the holy grail, the one IEM to rule them all and I saved up a lot and even took some of my tuition money to pay for it and I was sorely disappointed but, different experiences for different people I suppose.

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