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Trafomatic Head 2

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Trafomatic Audio's new tube headphone amp has

adjustable impedance,

single-ended & balanced inputs/outputs, and

preamp functionality.

Cost is $2,500

Anyone know about the design?


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That's not single ended than push pull configuration . 2W at 50 ohms with 6N30P on the output and ECC88 on the input .

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Hi Sasa, I meant single-ended inputs and outputs.

There's a little write-up here:


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Yep , I see... this amp was first time promoted at Munich show few days ago , so I think nobody know for that yet ....

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Interesting... is SASAC actually Sasa Cokic, owner/designer/engineer of the Trafomatic line?  Sasa also lives in Serbia...


Hey man, if it's you, be sure to seek out a Member of the Trade designation (or Industry Inside? I forget how that works) for your Head-Fi profile!


I'd be more than thrilled if you became a contributing member of our community!

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Yes , That's I am but I very rare post here . Some times just reply on some techical questions .... that's it

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I have enjoyed the Head One so much for a couple of years now, that Head 2 was the first HA I listened to at Munich 2014 expo. About a dozen of HA’s followed (I must have listened to all the best known ones).


* None could even compare *

(except the Viva Egoista which must be best-in-the-world right now).  


Caveat = All this was with my LCD2 – other easier to drive headphones will give a different picture overall.  


Once I got my own unit home, the Head 2 revealed what greatness the LCD2 is capable of.  


Head 2 as Preamp:   (short answer: very good) 


While the Head One could not replace my $4000 Stereophile-class-A transistor preamp, Head 2 is doing fine in that role, offering just a little less transparency but definitely more pleasure.  The transistor preamp has found a new owner and I am not having withdrawal symptoms (which I usually have if I take a step down). The Head 2 is at its job day and night, unloading endless delights for me.


My only worry now is just how long will it take me to listen to my 500 albums at least once? 

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Retail price for Head 2 is $2500 USD . US seller www.stereodesk.com . All info at audioprana@gmail.com

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That is quite a nice tube amp. I like that the transformer and tubes are hidden inside. It looks less encumbering. But it seems to be really large. Anyone know the dimensions?
And I'm curious about the material the casing is made of. I can't discern whether it's steel with mat finish or plastic.
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Please forgive me my ignorance, I'm completely new into the tube amp world.
I was wondering how this amp stacks up against the other famous amp builders, as there are Craig Uthus (Eddie Current amps), Donald North (DNA Stratus for instance), Jack Woo, Ray Samuels, Alex Cavalli, ...
Most of their top end amps use 2a3 triodes, 300B, 45, ... How do these tubes compare? Can I dig into tubes somewhere? I'm loosing my way in all the different types and numbering ^^


Thanks for your help!

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Dimensions of Head 2 are 400x300x100mm and weight is 12kg . The chassic is made from beech plywood and painted with polyester paint 

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If anybody has some experience with the head two, please enlighten us! Almost a month went by, but there seems to be no new info or useful comparisons whatsoever since Johannesbach's contribution. Any impressions would be greatly appreciated. As our ears vary, I'd like a few more sources before plunging in.
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Could Sasa or someone inform whether I could connect my HD800 via a Balanced connection to the Head 2? I see it has a 3pin-XLR rather than a 4pin XLR.....


Does this amplifier do balanced output for headphones?

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review at http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0714/trafomatic_audio_head_2.htm   


Head One was king at 6moons a few years back and Head2 is better - for my LCD2 - in every respect  

(I have both)   


I am in love with Head2, after one year of use  

- and more so after I got the TOTL Forza cable for the LCD2  


HD800 is less demanding for power than LCD2 -

and Head One is great for it (at less cost)  

- I have tried it - 

- with one exception = opera vocals sound strident, possibly due to the HD800 cable  

= this may be to cure with an aftermarket cable 

(HD800 has received a lot of flack on its cable) 


Head2 is not a balanced design overall;   

the output should work with a 3pin-XLR, but I do not know if it is better that a regular SE connection  

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