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$15 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Fiio E6

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello All,

Up for sale is a used Fiio E6.


(Note: This listing was originally for an E11 and an E6. The E11 has been sold. I'm leaving its information here for archival purposes)


Both are in very good, fully functional condition. Individual descriptions are below. Note that prices are OBO.



The E11 is in the original metal box packaging and has the original accessories: a Male-Male 3.5mm Stereo interconnect, a USB Type-A to MiniUSB Type-A interconnect for charging, 2 rubber bands (For strapping the Amplifier to a DAP), and the rubber feet. The amplifier looks like new, with very few minor scratches. The metal box is dented on the bottom, but the dent is not overly severe. This E11 was purchased from a certified dealer on Amazon, so you can be assured that it is a genuine product.  $30 Standalone, plus whatever shipping is to your area code.



The E6 will not come with the original packaging. It does come with the charger cable and plastic back clip. The amplifier is in good condition, with very minor scratches on each side that are only noticeable in the light. Again, this amplifier was purchased from a certified dealer, so it is a genuine product. $15 standalone, plus area code shipping.


Don't hesitate to post your questions about the products in this thread.


EDIT: The E11 has been sold. The E6 is still available.

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