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Well I already have the HD 560 Ovation II's I just always been curious as to what newer ones had quality wise. I LOVE my ovation II's one of my prized toys and my first ever high end product from 20 years ago.



What I would love is something very slightly less Highs, and more stand out low end, but only slightly not enough to muddy up everything else. But also as you can see from my video the ear pads are is very bad shape, inner part totally gone. So maybe they'll solve highs being harsh sound getting them replaced when new pads arrive. I'm hoping so anyway.

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The best cable for HD560/580 is the original 560/580 cable.


DO NOT use HD600/650 cable or third party cable,

DO NOT use HD600/650 grill on the HD580!


they will destroy the timbre.lose the attractive,magical sound

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Cool I got it right then straight from Senn for cord and ear pads both, even though they were more than ebay ones, yea you can clearly tell the ebay ones would affect sound so I went with ones from Senn. And yea cord is exact match to my original cord that's been on them 20 years.


Lucky because it did look like 600-650 cord matches the 560's cord I almost was tempted to order it to see how it affected its sound.


Anyone curious it's

pair of HD560 earpads - part #041299 - $37.83 plus shipping
audio cable w/ large 1/4" jack - part #048798 - $23.16 plus shipping
audio cable w/ smaller 1/8" jack - part #037974 - $25.20 plus shipping


straight from Senn.  I figured $70 was worth it to invest in my 20 year old killer cans. I remember getting them at a best buy for $200 in 1994. And just floored at the sound detail.

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Man no one said on here but I asked how much they might be worth. A pair on ebay had a lot of interest and they didn't even have the cord at all or decent ear pads and the bidding reached $65 plus $10 shipping on a pair that would need $70 in new parts. http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&_trksid=p2047675.l2565&rt=nc&item=321317190483

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Subscribed. Great headphones.

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So remember the thread title and I have the 560 Ovation II's not first ones. Saying that I think the next logical step is something less neutral and more bass. So I think I narrowed down the only two Senn choices as the HD 650 or Momentum's Over Ear. HD 650 being closer but with little more bass, and Momentums with big bass increase yet keeping things decent overall. Clearly the 560 II's are more accurate and more in balance than either of the other two. Least from what I read.


So having a nice hd 560 II's and another more bass end pair would be best of both worlds, staying within the Senn family at least.


I have Monster Miles Davis Tributes which have more bass but they're sloppy with it I think. I'd assume either of the two I said would be smoother more balanced than the tributes.


I considered and would love to try HD 598's or HD 600 but I felt that's be very similar to HD 560 II's so it'd be wasting money.


Man really having hard time trying to Improve on my 20 yr old HD 560 II's.

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Well I went a little insane today and bought Senn HD 650's and Momentum's over the ear. So I'll give my thoughts on these newer phones compared to our loved HD 560 Ovation II's. Can't wait to compare for myself.

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I can now see why even after all this time the HD 650 is so well thought of even if someone prefers a different sound signature. They are for total sure different than the HD 560 II's I been using for 20 years. But at the same time not always better.


I think the 560 II are more detailed honestly. BUT their downfall is basically it seems to me while 560 II have more detail and clarity in the highs that are beyond anything I've heard, they fall short on bass badly compared to the 650's. Which in turn is why they are clearer highs and more detailed. But the HD 650 is much more musical, that extra hint of bass throughout gives 650 a overall balance that seems like it's what things are supposed to sound like. It's like 560 II's are a detailed examination of the music in clarity and the 650 is a laid back listening to the overall precision as it all comes together, it's like the entire thing becomes whole. I find myself with the 650's saying oh yea that's exactly how that instrument sounds playing that ..


I probably seem like I'm rambling and it's probably what many have known here for years, although the HD 560 II's are a rare breed from a time before today's market took off. But they are still a very special pair of headphones.


Oh and the HD 560 II's are still the most comfortable headphone I've ever had on my head. The 650's are nice in that regard but they aren't as plush soft and comfy as the 560 II's were for sure.

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Sorry I feel like I'm hoggin this thread but anyway. I just wanted to come in here and say just how much better my pair after replacing the ear pads for first time after 20 years. I can't stress enough how much this impacts the sound. They were uber harsh in highs because are you can see from my pics and video the padding was all but gone inner and ear pad itself. Now the highs are again in perfect balance with eveything else and aren't making my ears bleed at times now. Just awesome.







Anyway I almost feel like I don't even need the HD 650's anymore these are back in that good of form. HD 650 only wins in bass improvement over these and that's it. This are again the most comfortable headphone I've ever had on my head. Good times.


Also I think around the time I got them they were $300 which in today's money when adjusted for inflation is $473.51. So that does kinda lend to why they sound so good, they were and that was a lot of money in 94 for headphones. That made them the HD 650 of the time period I guess which still can hold their own.

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I use them for FPS gaming and they lead me win all the time~ haha. I will vote them for gaming and music listening but when it comes to movie  I perfer my HD580s.

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I wanna also mention that the HD 650 stock cable, and the Moon Cable Dragon V2 do not fit the HD 560 II's. No one was claiming they would really but they don't fit. The connector is the right one but both cables are to fat to close to the connector to fit inside far enough, its very slightly to big making it slightly to short to secure in correctly.


I seen someone got a pair off ebay with new cord, and ear pads, which I know since I just bought both comes to $70 from senn, anyway they paid $130.82 for them. That is a freaking steal for the quality they put out. The 650 is good but I don't know if it's twice as good /cost wise.

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HI guys, i just got locally a pair of these Ovation II and one bracket on the headband is broken. The cup it's still  held in place but i'm afraid it will fall off. Anyone has or know a place where i can buy a new/used Ovation II headband? I don't know if the Ovation I or even the HD540 headband will fit. 


Any recommendations?



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Ebay is the only place I've seen the headband for sale. Every other part you can still buy but I don't see the headband listed anywhere ever.

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maybe you can get one from Sennheiser website, they are still selling units for discontinued products.

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Originally Posted by hdtv00 View Post

Ebay is the only place I've seen the headband for sale. Every other part you can still buy but I don't see the headband listed anywhere ever.


Damn, i was afraid the answer could be that one. I guess i'll open my eyes and try to buy a "for parts" set.


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maybe you can get one from Sennheiser website, they are still selling units for discontinued products.


In the sennheiser website i can only see cables, ear pads and the transducer. However i contacted my local sennheiser dealer and i'm waiting for their response. 


Anyone knows if the connection is the same between the Ovation I/II and the Hd 540?

If someone knows where to get them please tell me. 

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