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That's insane the comfort of the 560 is lightyears beyond any other headphone. I've literally forgot they were on my head. Those ear pads destroy anything newer comfort wise, they are like two clouds resting on your head. I get they didn't fit you but comfort wise they're the best thing that's every been on my head. You are right about the cheapness of them though but 20 years ago they put little thought into it I guess.


Yea they're different flavors for sure 560 being far more detailed with the 650 throwing in lots of bass. I sold my 650's couple weeks ago I couldn't take listening to the lack of detail in them compared ot the 560's. Using Aune T1 dac into a crack, 5998 /tele in crack and orange globe ring getter in Aune.


"Yes there is a big sound difference between the 560 ovation and the 650. The 650 sounds richer and darker and warmer, but it lacks that shimmering lifelike realistic treble.

On the other hand, the 650 is easier on the ears.I love them both. I think I prefer the 650 for contemporary music and the ovation for jazz and classical and brass ensembles and string quartets."


Yep that's very accurate 650 is richer , darker and warmer lacking real lifelike treble. I don't know but with changing of the tubes I use the 560's are so close to lifelike perfection I don't ever want any other pair of headphones. They only lack sub bass on modern tracks. But everything else they are pure magic.


I had the 700 and 650's and I wanted to love them I figured they were newer better version of my 20+ year old 560's but I was wrong. The 650's are really good though the 700 I couldn't stand period. Everything bathed in treble mess. No matter what tubes I went to it was awful.

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You're making me jealous, I wish I had a set of 560s. I agree with you that they are the most natural headphones I've ever heard. I miss them.

The closest thing I have to it would be my HiFiMan RE 600 iems, they too are incredibly natural

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I carefully compared HD540II against HD560II several months ago for many weeks. HD540 is the only vintage headphone I have heard that beats the excellent HD560. Their frequency presentations and phasing sounds almost exactly the same but the HD540 has a more spatial presention, where sounds have more realistic positioning that sounds more natural. Both slay HD600 and HD650 models though, which have altered tonality and dynamics that simply congests the listening material. Hardly high fidelity... 

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That's how I feel comparing HD580 to the HD560II. Albeit very similar in sound at first listen (despite the different bass response) when I go back to the HD560II and listen to some classical and jazz music it's an entire different world. I've wrote that before and I will say again. When I hear the chesky record of Vivaldi 4 seasons I can almost smell the wood and feel every teeni tyne vibration of the cords and wood that composes the violin. And to me that's amazing. The only thing I feel the HD580 are on soundstage/instrument positioning albeit the HD560II with that timbre feels more natural and more immersive.
That being said I do like the HD580 and feel that they are very good and still really natural.
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I also want to say alone I felt they lacked bass impact. And anything non amp wise say a phone or portable player NEVER brought out of them what they could do. I owned them for 22 years but I only just few months ago got a real amp. With the Aune T1 with right tube you got to hear glorious highs so lifelike. But it wasn't till I added the bottlehead crack that it turned music into this layered beautiful sounding magical perfection. It still does lack bass slightly and sub bass for sure. But when I listen with the Aune T1 as a DAC into the crack it's how I think things are supposed to sound when I use them. Each and every time I feel bliss.


Crazy what I'd been missing out on all this time. I just wanted to point this out for anyone who just wanted to pick a pair up on ebay or something. Alone they are detailed and nice. Paired with nice amp they can be so near perfection. One day I hope to hear a 580 or 540 as they been mentioned in this thread many times too.

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Tonality of HD540, HD560, HD800 and K1000 puts HD600/HD650 to shame.


Phase response of HD540, HD560 and K1000 puts HD800 to shame.


Stereo imaging: K1000>>>>>> HD800> HD540> HD560

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I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 560 Ovation II headphones, and was wondering if there was anyone out there who own, or have owned either the HD 600, 650, 700, 800, or some combination of them, and would be willing to do a short write up on how the 560 II's compare in different aspects. I'm attempting to decide whether it's worth the money to purchase a newer pair of Sennheiser's phones, such as the ones I listed above.

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I've heard all but the 800. I listened to the 600 owned the 650 and 700. I sold them both.


Differences, well 560 to me has a clarity , details musical quality to them the others only dream of having. The 700 to me as a treble mess. I can't put my finger on it but I think I mention it here in this thread but it's like the entire thing you're listening to is bathed in treble. I don't think it's the spike stuff people always talk about either. It's just literally to me feels like every recording is bathed in treble for no reason.


The 650 is a much better balanced signature it's decent. But after replacing my earpads and cable on my 20+ year old 560's I couldn't stand to listen to the 650's anymore. They lacked the fine amazing detail of the 560's. They had a slightly better bass presence but at the total expense of details and a natural musicality overall sound wise.


I used certain tracks and time after time the 560's won out.


I've not always thought of them as the best or perfect which they're not. The 560's lack sub bass but have a total smooth proper bass that is there when it's called for but layed back and lets the details flow otherwise. Only now powering it with a bottlehead crack do I really really love them now and find them so near perfection. Owning all those others I can say the 560's are super power hungry. They were a good 30% harder to drive than 650's. And obviously harder than 700's but 650 and 560 are both rated 300 ohm but 560's sure don't act like it. They take 30% more volume knob than the 650's on the crack.


I thought just like you did that maybe I was missing out that the newer headphones added something I was missing. They did not. I bought them all here used and resold them after redoing my 560's because they're just better headphones in the end. I owned them for a year too 650 and 700 I gave them a fair chance too. I also waited until I had the crack so I could drive them proper and know for sure.

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Put it this way, it took a AKG K1000 for me to leave the HD540/HD560 models behind, that's how fantastic they are when implemented/tweaked properly. HD800 demonstrated technical improvements over the vintage Senns during listening, especially in bass weight but their overall unengaging presentation did not justify their expense whatsoever IMO. The K1000 was overall a profound improvement over all these models, even the HD800, to my ears, and the HD540/HD560 musicality also made the HD800 seem quite irrelevant, in my eyes.

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I just found an easy way to greatly improve the bass on these. As these aren't great with the ultra low frequencies (with a big drop off below 100 Hz), I am now listening to these with an 80 Hz crossover frequency. All I can say is that it changes the character of the bass of these for the better (slightly more pronounced but still tight). It would be cool if some of you guys could try the same thing and report your findings.

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So basically i have 2x HD560 and one modded Hd580. And im thinking of staying with only one headphone. Any recommendation?although i can ear a difference i don't think its night and day and i think that HD580 still has some advantages over the HD560 and vice versa. Can't put my finger on it so i need your help. What should i do? What should i sell?

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Send me the 580 so I can hear a pair and then I'll let ya know haha. Clearly you're selling one 560 since you have two.


Which do you like best. What's different in 580 vs 560. What you use to amp them. All things play factor in how they sound.

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Originally Posted by hdtv00 View Post

Send me the 580 so I can hear a pair and then I'll let ya know haha. Clearly you're selling one 560 since you have two.

Which do you like best. What's different in 580 vs 560. What you use to amp them. All things play factor in how they sound.
sorry for the late reply. I haven't checked head fi in a long time.
Ahah, I guess I could lend you for some time :P I'm using a Modi and Vali. My hd560 are stock while the hd580 have hd650 cable and hd600 grills. We'll from my experience I feel that the hd580 are like hearing to the band on a studio. I imagine a dark room with black walls and black carpet. While when I hear the hd560 o imagine myself in the front row of a concert. I imagine everything brown. Hood all over the place. It's weird but I visualize like this when o hear music.

However o feel that the hd580 give a better sense of "wideness" of the soundstage.
In games I clearly prefer the hd580. Comfort wise I guess o prefer the deeper cups on the hd580 but prefer the headband of the hd560. I guess I'll keep both. Will be selling one pair of hd560 that's for sure. If anyone interested I'll be posting an add maybe today.
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