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Cmon guys. You are giving me ideas to buy a Bottlehead Crack. What should be a good powerful amp for these? I tried a speaker amp from technics and i really liked it. I must say i even liked more than my Vali....Don't know. I guess Vali has a bigger soundstage and instrument separation then the technics vintage amp.

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Hey Ortherion I just bought a pair from ebay where the guy stole your pics from this thread saying his looked just like your pics and ear pads where he told me this and I quote


"The earpads do not need replacing unless you just want them brand new. They are not worn out or have any marks on them."


Here's what he had to say about the photo's he used when I asked a question.

"I don't know. I didn't have photo's and I used those pictures from a site. My headphones don't have anything there like that though other than that those look identical to my headphones."


Here is a pic of what he says are perfectly fine earpads on what he sent me.


So there ya have it, nope those are in fine shape don't you guys think....guys a total ******. And when I contacted him saying he lied about the item and he should offer to now pay for having the ear pads replaced, he tried to say I was extorting him because I said he lied clear as day and I was gonna file a complaint and leave bad feedback because he lied. Oh by the way has some total **** 3rd party cable on it too which of course he claims in the original cable. It's cheap and generic as all hell.


Here is link to his listing.


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Got it

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Im so sorry to hear about that. As you might know it was not me and i was not aware that he was using my pictures.
To pull the pin try to use pliers.
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I can't believe the guy just won't do the right thing and pay for at least partially or something for the ear pads he lied about, I mean look at that pic up there, I can't believe someone would describe those are not needing replaced.

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you could try superglueing something onto the stuck pin and then pulling it out? Maybe open the cans and look if you can slide the pin from the inside out.

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Fixed wal mart had a mini set that just barely was able to get in there and grab the pin and get it out.

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Cool, so how do they sound? Good or there is any problem with them? Did you open the capsules?

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No they sound normal there isn't anything wrong with them other than the ear pads being toast and me having to pay the $40 to replace them. I replaced the cable too. They do sound like they have more stand out highs than my own pair. Like hmm maybe they've had less use over the years and are just a little more harsh in the highs. But in general the great sound these have is there for sure. I tell ya though the bottlehead crack really makes these things magic. I have few more tubes coming today to try out with em. Bout an hour or so till mail gets here and I'm trying em out. Mullard and some telefunkens different than the ones I have already try for slight taming of the highs. We'll see, either way this headphone I swear by it blows away the HD 650's and 700 when using it with e bottlehead crack and the right tubes.

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That's normal. I have two pairs and one of them stands out more on the highs as you say.
I never tried the bottlehead and to be honest I don't have the means to buy one right now. Did you ever tried the vali and the bottlehead with the hd560II?
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Nope I went right from normal use it just plugged into whatever to an Aune T1 and then added the crack few weeks ago. Tubes just got here and I just put in Mullard CV4003 (http://www.upscaleaudio.com/mullard-cv4003-12au7-vintage-new-old-stock/) so we'll see how that goes. So far I'm not really hearing anything better or different than my Telefunken rib plate I've been using.

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I would like to try one but i can't seem to find a used one for sale and i don't want to pay full price for it. 

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I'm basically running through tubes one at a time seeing the sonic differences. I went a little overboard but it's been fun.


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May I suggest to those who can't afford one of those fashionable (and probably overpriced) dedicated phone amp to try a Revox B77 recorder? I've recorded many tapes and always was impressed by the power available on tap: this machine is graced with one of the best headphone amp section I' ve ever heard! Just switch on source and listen to what is getting in (there is provision for microphone or high level inputs).

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