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Yet another best over ear cans at $100...

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Hello all,

I know, there are allot of threads about $100 headphones. I've been searching and reading allot and haven't found the right solution for me... I'm looking for an over the ear (must have for long periods of use) cans. I mostly listen to light rock, rock usually 320Kbps MP3 or flacs, also the evening movie and such. the source is mostly a laptop (MBP) and a pro audio mixer with a built in sound card at 48Khz at 16bit (A&H ZED, 1/4 and 1/8 needed). My budget is around $100 but it's not a brick wall limit. I currently own Sennheiser 280 pro but they are in a very bad shape cosmetically that's why I need a new set that's more ruggedly built.


The on ear cans such as the Grados or Alessandros are not good for me, I need them to not touch my ears as much as possible.


I prefer open headphones so I can listen at low volume and still hear my baby crying from the other room.


One more thing is that I don't mind buying used headphones as long as they are in a very good to like new condition.


What I have looked at so far:

I saw on amazon.com 558HD for $92 shipped in Like new condition but I wouldn't want such brittle headphones again.

Also Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 for $150 shipped in like new condition only if it is a significant sonic improvement.


What kind of ohm figure do I need to buy (32, 250, 600)?


I'm open to any type or manufacturer that would answer my needs.


Thank you all for reading :)


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If you're not buying an amp, I wouldn't consider the DT990. Also, the DT990 isn't suited for the music you like since it boosts the bass and treble unnaturally. The HD558 is fantastic, and I'd definitely recommend them. They're much more neutral.
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Thanks, I get your point about the Beyerdynamic. I still have a problem with the quality of the plastic construction of the 558. Are there other options at about the same sound quality and price that have a better build quality?
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Plastic is not necessarily bad as polymers can be quite strong. I wouldn't personally get too hung up on that as most headphones use some amount of plastic in their construction.

Your budget is fairly limited on open headphone choices. Up around $200 or so, there are more options. However, open headphones with higher impedance will need an amp if used with portable devices.

What sources (devices) will you be using your headphones with?
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Most of the time I will be using a computer to power those headphones and much less often I will power them from a pro audio mixer.

Already had a bad experience with sennheiser plastic Headphone construction, also I've been reading reviews on Amazon, the one and two star reviews, the bad plastic quality keeps showing up on almost all sennheiser products so I'm not alone sharing that bad experience. For some reason sennheiser don't take responsibility for that matter once the two year warranty is over, which is why I'm looking for other options. If you're going to tell me there aren't any other cans that give this level of sound quality at this price point I may have to compromise on the build quality and except that they might fall apart in 3-4 years but I would like to do my best to avoid that.
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I don't know enough about the build quality of the HD558s. But they all use plastic to some degree smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by cel4145 View Post

I don't know enough about the build quality of the HD558s. But they all use plastic to some degree smily_headphones1.gif

I looked at the reviews again to see if I was just in insisting on cans other then Sennheiser... Off course almost every manufacturer incorporates plastic into their design, but I guess some designs are better then others and Sennheisers designs are just not reliable enough so I'm looking for recommendations other then Sennheiser!!

On top of the bad quality of their design or materials, they have terrible customer service when it comes to replacing broken plastic parts, they blame the customers for those fractures and don't give us the good time we were supposed to have with their products.

The more I read about the subject of Sennheiser and their problematic design or bad composite material choice, the more I get convinced that I nor any of you guys should buy their products unless they change the brittleness it. This problem is common to allot of Sennheiser products. Just google "sennheiser cracks" and you'll see just how many posts on the issue. 

I think I may have no choice but to up the budget. What about Audio Technica M50 ()? ATH-A900X or 700X open air or not ($180/$110)?
AKG Q 701 ($175) ?
Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed ($160)?

HiFiMan HE-300?

Any other choice?
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Sennheiser 558 going once...
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Sennheiser HD 558 going twice...
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 I would propably go with Takstar HI2050. It is dirt cheap, but it does not mean it is any worse than more expensive Sennheisers or Beyerdynamics. Build out of alloy so no cheap plastic worries there. Seriously don't worry about the price. Imo it is better than dt990 and almost on par to 880. It also has quite similar sound signature to beyrdynamic. So if you don't like it you are more likely to like darker Sennheiser soundsignature or more clinical AKG. Easy way to test your preferences and in propable best case scenarion to have a good headphones for silly low price.  If you had not stated that you need to hear the baby I would have recommended Martin Logan Mikros 90 and just putting some pads between the original and your ears. :) Mikros are definately the best bang for the buck if youre from usa. Also check out Pioneer se-a1000. It is extremely comfortable but huge over ear open design headphone.

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You can also consider the Fidelio M1, although I would go with the 558, the comfort is absurd


Edit: just saw the ear thing. So 558 all the way

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I would not recommend M1. It has nice quite bassy and nice to listen sound. Great build quality. But when you listen to it is no better than best 20 dollar headphones. Heavily overpriced.

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really? I thought they were a compact version of the true Fidelio's, at least the reviews I've read said they were not excellent, but quite nice if you don't need that much bass. maybe it was wrong. Forget it then

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