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Good over ear closed cans for ~$350

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Hey all, I've got a pair of HD600s which I run out of the Schiit Bifrost Uber + Asgard 2 and I'm very happy with it, but I'd like a pair of closed cans to avoid leaking sound and for a different bit of a sound

I had Sennheiser Momentum's but the pads were a bit small, and I haven't tried many other closed cans in that range. While I love the neutral sound of my 600s, I'd like some closed cans with a bit more of a fun sound. My "secondary" headphones right now are my JH16s run out of an X3 feeding an RSA Mustang which I really enjoy, so a similar sound would be excellent.

So a bit of a summary, I'm looking for

- Closed
- Over Ear
- Large earpad size
- ~350
- Works well with progressive rock and classical as well as soundtracks

I'm located in the US, and amazon would be my primary buying choice, even if its a bit more expensive than elsewhere since I've got $350 in gift cards I can use.
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I love the NAD HP50.

With teh return policy you can safely give the headsets a go.

 I had fit uissues myself...but love the sound.

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Too many closed models have small earpads. I put up with Focal Pro because it sounds so good, but the comfort is well below average.


Of the ones I like, SRH840 best meets your criteria. The overall sound is a V-shape but it doesn't sound as unbalanced as most V-shapes because it's somewhat slower-paced, giving it a more elegant sound. The only problem I have with it is that the headband is kind of heavy in the middle, but that can be modded. 


HM5 and the like have really well-made bigger pads but they're more neutral--a little darker than neutral.


I haven't heard K550 yet but it's even bigger than the other two and I've heard good things about it from guys here and elsewhere whom I trust.


P.S. What a pretty avatar! (Who is she?)

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Soundmagic HP100, good pads, great case, good design (this one is more "hate it or love it"), decent isolation from what I've heard, and is generally considered an excellent sounding headphone

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NAD HP50 hands down But get the AKG outa here. AKG has awful mids plus the soundstage is wierd(goes sideways)

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If u dun wanna spend too much...
The ue6000 would be a punchier alternative to 840.
Now going for a steal in amazon.
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Have u tried mad dogs? 

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Amazon has them at $300 as well, which is just perfect for how much I've got in Gift Cards, I'll check out some reviews and stuff



I've heard good things about the SRH840, and they're only $200, plus the pads seem fairly large

Emma Watson looking like Wind[s]runner[/s]ranger from DotA2



I had the 6000s before and they were comfortable, I just didn't really like the rolled off treble so much based on memory.



The Mad Dogs were probably my first choice after having heard them at the SoCal meet, and they're right around $300, but no way to buy off Amazon, and if I can't use these Gift Cards my budget drops dramatically :(



I'll probably try out the NADHP50s, being that it's an Amazon purchase I can always return if I don't like 'em, but I'll keep the other ones in mind. Thanks tons guys!

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TBH the HM5s are a great buy. Quite similar to teh ^)). Very neutral cans.


But IMO the NADs beats them handily.

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Sony MDR-7520

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HP50 has smaller earcups than many of the others mentioned. It's the same size as M50, which is just over ear, but larger than Momentum and the Focals.

Most commercial Fostex mods such as ZMF v1/2 and MD aren't completely closed.
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I've yet to find a better closed can for under $500 than the Beyerdynamic DT770 in 80 ohms.

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Beyerdynamic dt150 (needs amp)
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The HP50's can be had for $219 (Open box full warranty - or Manufacturer Refurbished 1 year warranty)


I ordered mine last week.





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on that very same website the PSB M4U1 is also 219$ open box. It is widely regarded as superb, and many reviewers say that it is the best sounding pair of headphones below 300 bucks

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