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For Sale:
Objective 2 (O2) amp and ODAC combo unit

Will Ship To: ConUS

Up for sale is my two year old O2/ODAC combo. Here are the details:


There is something wrong with the ODAC portion. When using it, there is static in the left channel. I plugged the unit into different sources and tried different USB cables, but the static is always there. I also opened up the amp and tried playing with the wires that run from the DAC to the amp and it didn't do anything.


The amp portion appears to be ok, though, as there is no static when I plug into the mini jack. I'll just change the price to be in line with what the amp by itself is worth.


- Purchased June 2012 from a seller on eBay who appears to have gone on to found 


- There are some cosmetic defects, especially around the USB port. They are shown in the pictures attached.


- I had the seller install pin sockets for the gain resistors. This makes it possible to swap them without needing to solder anything.


- Instead of the standard 2.5/6.5 gain setup, I changed the resistors to be 3/6.5. This allowed me to power my HE-500s very well.

- A USB cable, wall wart, and extra resistors (including what I believe were the original two for the low gain) are included.


Price includes Paypal fees and shipping within the ConUS.

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