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For Sale or Trade:
Several Items for Sale or Trade.....Only Q701 left!--Sale Pending

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have some headphones I'm looking to trade or sell. I like each one of these for various reasons, but I'm still looking for some full-size headphones that better fit what I'm looking for. I listen to a broad type of music but mostly classic rock and the blues. I really love great mids. I feel pretty good with the IEM's I have, so I'm not necessarily looking for those.

Gently used black Q701's with both cords and box. I really like these, especially the details, but they might get a little bright for me.

Grado SR80i--SOLD
Gently used Grado's, stock, in pizza box. 1/4" adapter not included.

Sennheiser HD25SP II--SOLD
These are in good shape and include the detachable cable. No box or anything else.

Modded Grado SR60[-SOLD
Grado SR60's with Mogami cable terminated with Vampire 1/4", DIY Rosewood cups w metal screens, Sony MDR-7506 headband, cheesecloth removed over drivers, holes punched in drivers, and reverse quarter modded pads. Very bright sounding headphones.

Make me an offer for one or several. If you're not sure, ask and I'll get back to you regardless of the offer.
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