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Sansa Clip+ vs. iPod Nano

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Hello Head-fiers!


I'd like to start out by just saying thanks for all your help in the past. It has helped me to make a good purchase: the purchase of my first high-quality headphones, a pair of Gemini hsr-1000 (Takstar Pro 80 clone) cans. Not super high-end, but I enjoy them and they sound a heck of a lot better than anything my friends have let me try, including several pairs of Beats headphones. I was hoping for some advice once again.


Whilst poking about the forums, I have heard a lot about the little DAP that everybody seems to love: the Sansa Clip+. I was very tempted to purchase one because of the praises I had heard sung about it on the forum. However, my mom already had a first generation iPod Nano that she didn't use anymore, so I went with that for my portable listening needs. Now, however, I'm wondering if I'm missing out. When I compare the sound that comes out of the Ipod to the sound that comes out of my laptop, the differences are pretty obvious. My laptop can really get my headphones to reveal their sub-bass extension, bring out details, properly represent the timbre of different voices, and pack much more of a punch; at least compared to the iPod. If I had to say there was one thing that the iPod did better, it would be that it was much smoother-sounding, which works especially well for the Skyrim soundtrack.


I was also kind of put off that the iPod couldn't play FLACs. I converted all of my FLACs to mp3s using ffmpeg and made sure they were high-quality mp3s, but they are mp3s nonetheless. The Sansa Clip+, however, can play FLACs. With my current headphones, file format doesn't make a huge difference, but definitely a noticeable difference, and I have to say I enjoy listening to FLACs much more (obviously). However, I have a couple headphones on my radar for future upgrades (namely ones such as the Sennheiser MOMENTUM and the Philips Fidelio X1) where I'm assuming that the quality difference would become glaring.


So, here is my question: if I already have an iPod Nano, would purchasing a Sansa Clip+ be worth it using my current headphones? Would it be worth it to purchase one if I moved to better headphones? How do the two players compare?


Thanks so much for your time,


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Get the Sansa Clip+ ($30-$40) or Clip Zip ($35-$45) and install the Rockbox firmware.


Personally I like my Sony E474 better then my Clip Zip, E474 has a bigger screen.

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I personally don't see much sense in messing with FLACs on a DAP if you use very high bit rate MP3s. I doubt that your headphones and either the Nano or Clips will offer enough resolution for you to notice a significant difference (if any at all).

Amazon has a very good return policy. Order a Clip Zip or + and see if it sounds better than your Nano. The Clips have often been compared favorably with iPhones and iPods in sound quality. Maybe you'll like it better smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks for the advice, I'll consider doing that.

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