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I've been using a pair of old CX300s as my main 'phones for years now, going through several cables, until during the last cable replacement the solder joints on the tiny leads going down to one of the coils failed and I was unable to restore contact. Result: dead headphones.


Now, before I shell out for a new pair of CX300s, I have a pair of straight-cabled iM716 that were sold to me years ago but that I never used. The existing cable was badly messed up, so instead of depodding them I just tossed the old cable away and soldered on a new one. I added no resistors because back then I was unaware you're supposed to add them to make the phones less bassy.


Now, I remember from reading it here ages ago that the CX300 have always been seen as entirely too bass-happy and unrefined, but we're all different, and I have ears that are very oversensitive to trebles (to the point I can hear low ultrasounds), so I have a better experience with 'phones that emphasize bass. Accordingly, the CX300 were damn near perfect for me, while the iM716 - even unresistored - sound much too tinny.


My question is (and I apologize beforehand if it makes the ears of some of you bleed in disgust): how would I have to set an equalizer on a portable player so as to emulate the CX300 sound as much as possible on a set of unpodded, unresistored iM716?


I always left the equalizers neutral on everything when using the CX300, so I don't really know the first thing about them.

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