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Mod my old phones or get new ones?

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I bought some Grado 225's about 12 years ago and they're still my go-to cans. The cable's twisted, I'm sure the transducers aren't in the best shape though I don't get grattle, mesh is interspersed with itty bitty pad foam grains, and I've really beat the hell out of them at times yet they keep going. If I modded them I'd want to replace the pads, switch the bowls, get the transducers checked, maybe a cable upgrade...who would do all of that?


I've got some Etymotics ER-4s, they're pretty old too. Could never get the seal just right. Microphonics of the cable kind of wrecked them for me. Narrow ear canals so they weren't very comfortable. I really wanted to like the Ety's because I need studio-monitor class accuracy and as much sonic isolation as possible, but the only thing I could imagine would save them is a custom ear molding but think of all the earwax issues ;p


Lastly Precide Ergo 2 headphones. Bought from a forum member a long time ago. Didn't get much use out of them before the left side started to cut out, at last the transducer itself fell off inside of the housing. It kind of just rolls in there now and I'm too pissed to look in there. Who would I even get to repair this crazy thing? And the pad design is just bonkers, I would have to get those totally replaced with a non-foam pad that I would never need to repair again. Good sound on these phones but build quality.... If I could get them modded into something special I'd go for it though. But with the transducer rolling around I guess they're a total loss. I don't hear damage it's just that it would be impossible to ship them without causing damage.


So do I resurrect one of these mummies or do I get something new? If I get something new I want it to be a better sound


Less then $500 in any case...would prefer not to have them stuck in my ears but if that's the only way to match the ER-4's I'll try it... not in a location where i can demo... ;p


on its own line -

sonic requirements:

studio monitor quality accuracy

high isolation

much comfortables

and CRAZY LOCO MEGA DETAIL!  (the reason i've stuck with the grados so long)

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What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?


There are number of great deals for new cans at the moment.

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I do need to get a decent DAC/Amp, just been using the jack on my receiver, it's meh. Was considering the ODAC+O2 combo, seems like the flavor of the month.


Regardless of what I get I wish I knew what to do with those Precide 2's besides just throw them away. And if I could just find some permanent pads for the Grados instead of these cheapass foam things, they'd be great even if not for reference listening.


I'll try Comply tips on the Etys once more but if that doesn't make them comfortable I give up. I think the problem is how deep in the ear they have to go to seal. If I could some IEMs that you didn't have to cram in so far, that might do the trick, and to that end I was consdiering the Audio-Technica ATH-CK10.


...but as you were saying?

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At the moment there are great deals on cans like the UE6000, HE-400 & HE-500.  What amp you will need will vary with these from none to one with moderately strong power.


The O2/Odac is much more than the flavor of the month.  It's one of the best values on the market.  It will certainly drive the HE-400.

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what brings down the o2 odac for me is lack of any digital output except for USB, even on limited edition.... stuck with PC for player ;p

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