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Hi everyone, I already own a pair of JVC's HA-RX700 since last year, I love them but i think I can get something better; I have been reading and reading a lot of threads lately trying to find the perfect headphones for my needs, since I'm in Venezuela and use a package forwader from the US, i can't mess up the decision because it will be difficult to return the item.


If it is of any help I want a pair of headphones for Vocal Electronic Music in general, preferably for Trance.







And for how they need to be, well... they definetly need to have good isolation since I use a really loud Air Conditioner in my room, also it won't be used outside my room so the bigger the space inside the earpads the better, I hate when the earpads touch my ears.


About the equipment to drive the headphones, I only have my Asus Xonar DG, which has an integrated AMP of 64 ohms I think.


I hope that's enough information.