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For Sale:
Price drop! National Matsush1ta tubes 6922/E88CC (Mullard tooling)

Will Ship To: United States

I have four tubes up for sale. I only need one pair and don't use these anyway. 


1. National Matsh1ta E88CC/6922, Mullard tooling: Works perfectly in my Schiit Lyr, logo is visible, but starting to fade away (common issue). 



2. National Matsush1ta E88CC/6922, Mullard tooling, possibly re-branded as Siemens: Works perfectly in my Schiit Lyr, logo is not visible, has faded away. Has the same exact internals as the other tube, even sounds the same (IMO). Matched with scores of 148/132 & 148/144.


These tubes sell for $40 each on Tubemonger, not including shipping and taxes. I'm asking $27.50 each + Paypal fees unless gifted OBO and free shipping is included.



Note: The curse word filter will not allow me to put the actual name :angry_face:. The 1 in Matsush1ta is meant to be an i.

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