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Okay so Im on the lookout for a new pair of IEM's after having a slight change in music taste. I currently own a pair of Atomic Floyd Superdarts and a pair of Logitech UE6000 headphones and these are more bass orientated. However i have started to listen to more vocal/acoustic songs that require less bass but a lot more detail, soundstage and clarity. I Most of my 'bassy' songs are MP3 at 350kbps or 260kbps AAC but I have started to download more FLAC files at around 800kbps and i am enjoying them quite a lot.


Whats important for me:

A decent kick in the low end, doesn't have to be extremely strong or overwhelming, just a decent amount of grunt to bring a smile to my face when the bass drops :)

Warm mids so acoustic sections of songs such as Guitar tracks will sound nice and smooth

A large soundstage so my music will sound airy and have a good range

Decent highs


What would you recommend out of the list i have provided. The cheapest there are the IE80's at £230 and the most expensive the 4R at £400. I didn't really want to spend that much but if i have to...