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For Sale or Trade: Micromega WM-10 DAC

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$0.00 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale or Trade:
Micromega WM-10 DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale or trade Micromega Airstream WM-10 Wireless DAC.

List of upgrades:

- Better power supply [Tolireg], compared to the original psu giving more detailed, quieter and more precise neutral sound. 

- New output stage that havemore neutral and detailed sound.

Now the device has a pair of RCA outputs for those who prefer a warm sound. 
And a pair of RCA outputs for those who prefer more neutral sound more detailed and precise.

The dac has been compared against HEGEL HD11, the Micromega was far superior in sound to the HEGEL. 
Against CI AUDIO VAC1 + VDA2 and Luxman DA-200, the Micromega was have more natural and with less aggressive sound.

There are good reviews on the web for the original product.

Product page on the company website:


For more pictures, please send a private message with e-mail address .

*The device has been repaired after the original card malfunctioned, and the card has been replaced. 

Regarding trade: 
Interesting proposals for DAC will be also welcomed.

Or headphones amp.

Please PM me with any questions.

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A steal at this price for this under appreciated DAC

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