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For Sale: Sennheiser HD600 (UK) *SOLD*

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HD600 (UK) *SOLD*

Will Ship To: United Kingdom

The last item in my current headphone clear out is a pair of HD600's. 


They were purchased in March 2013 from an authorised UK dealer (Superfi) and have been used only by myself in a non-smoking household. When not in use they have been stored in their box to keep them in tip-top condition.


Since new they have seen very limited use (approx. 100 hours total use) as I need to use closed back headphones most of the time...sadly, as I do prefer open 'phones. However, I have finally found a pair of closed back 'phones I rate as highly as the HD600's so have decided it is time to sell them on and let someone else enjoy them. Not something I ever imagined doing!


As you can see from the pics the outer cardboard sleeve has a fair amount of wear & tear (how they arrived) but the presentation box and the headphones themselves are in 'near new' condition. No chips, scratches, flaking paint, cracks etc. etc. as you'd expect from something that has been handled with care and love (they are wonderful).


Also included is the original 3.5mm - 6.25mm jack adapter and all paperwork that was originally supplied with them.


I'll also include a print of the invoice for warranty purposes (should have approx. 9 1/2 months left) although I doubt it'll ever need to be called upon, such is the build quality.


The price includes Royal Mail Special Delivery (fully insured) and all Paypal fees. If anyone would prefer to pay by BT though I'll reduce the price accordingly.


Thanks for looking and if you need more pics or have any questions please PM me!

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Hmmm ........ tempting. 

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What are those closed based headphones that you choose? :dt880smile:

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