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iPod Classic 5G, bad sound quality

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Today I picked up my iPod 5G 30GB which I had previously given to my brother(for about 3 years, so I'm not really sure of how it was used, or abused, in that matter) before going iPod Nano 6g -> Sansa Clip+. I installed Rockbox to the 5G right away, I didn't think of trying the OF first.

I'm using Denon AH-C560R IEMs (with the Comply T-400 that came with it).

The reason I want to use it is because right now, I use IEMs with the Rockboxed Clip+ which sounds better than the Nano 6G, but I also need the Nano to connect to the iPod interface of my car, which doesn't work that well with simple mass storage mode because it doesn't support playlist files, only through the iPod. The Classic 5G can dual-boot Apple's OF & Rockbox, and it also has more storage.


However, there are a few issues:

There is a hissing sound with the Denons. I tried some cheap earphones and the hiss is almost unnoticeable, but with the Denons it's higher than I find comfortable.

The low frequencies have really bad quality and the bass is distorted. I can feel the IEMs crackling slightly when there is bass and I'm worried they might be damaged.


Is there a way to fix these issues?


EDIT: I have fixed the distortion and bass by applying an EQ Precut of -10dB, however I still have no idea what to do about the hiss. Any help will be appreciated.

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Having the same issue with ipod 5g and rockit r50
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you using the hp out?


the hp out was famously meh, to make it sing use the line out with an amp.

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Problem occurs with both.
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then i know not, could it be you just have taken a dislike to the sound sig?   ather than that im not sure unless some component is dying inside.

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The sound signature is irrelevant, the iPod makes the hiss even with no music playing. Could it be that the IEMs are too sensitive?

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is it just hiss that the problem?  i mean hiss gets picked up if you use something sensitive, add an impedance adapter and that will go away no problem.  search ebay for a 75ohm adapter.


the bass issues you mentioned to me i thought maybe if the buffers are dying then that migh affect the bass as its would have less ability to push current.  like i said though kinda guessing.

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I edited the first post to be more understandable. Basically the precut setting fixed the distortion and quality.

About that adapter you mentioned, what exactly is it? Can you post a link?

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