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I finally got the entire setup. JMT CHA 47, D-25S, Ety 4P w/ 4s Adapter and kimber mini mini. Do you guys think it's worth it to save for the traveler bag or just get the cheaper case logic bag that Headroom offers?
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Flurking, from the sounds of your setup, do you need something the size of the HR Traveler bag? Or will HR Airbag-type hold all of your equipment? Obviously it is cheaper.

HR bags seem to be of high quality (I've never seen one first hand) and are made to hold specifically their equipment. The CaseLogic line is great too, just less perfect. But if you don't have HR amps specifically then this is less of an issue.

I personally like the Case Logic DM2 formfactor. The downside of CaseLogic bags is that although they have the extra bottom zipper cutout on the CD pocket, it is usually not on the smaller pocket next to it as well (or in frontmost pocket in other styles). This makes you have to run your cables up and over the adjacent pocket when connecting PCDP and amp. I also do not like the more commonly found nylon material either (I know a few of the CaseLogics come in pleather too, just not found so commonly).

Anyway, I found a bag at my local Coconuts that is the CL DM2 formfactor, in pleather, AND zippered cutouts on the bottom of BOTH front pockets! The largest back pocket runs the length of the case, and is open free-form space with a moveable velcro divider. It is made by Media Source (don't ask me). All I know is that it was labeld at $14.99 and scanned at $9.99! Sold!

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