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Portable blissssssss

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My latest portable system setup is the following:

Sony D-25S PCDP --> Kimber Kable mini to RCA cable --> Grado HPA-2 Headphone Amp --> Etymotic ER4S Headphones

I decided to try the Sony D-25S on the train to see if it would skip and I'm happy to report it did not skip once.

The Kimber Kable is a very nice cable but I haven't done an A-B comparison.

The Grado HPA-2 headphone amp is a great portable amp.

I've decided to retry the Etymotic headphones. I wasn't really impressed with the ER4P I tried before but I've decided to give the ER4S a try and am happy to report that I like them.

I was in portable bliss this morning listening to this setup. The Sony D-25S just blows away my Panasonic 860. I was just amazed at how good the Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite CD sounded on this setup. I was hearing things that I never heard before and every note had roundness to it. It was like listening to a whole new CD. I'm looking forward to many more listening sessions on the train.
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Ever since I read your note about hating the Etys, I questioned your sanity. Now I know you're a decent guy!
Congrats on achieving portable bliss!
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You're making me envious

I currently use the ER-4P with the D-25S unamped and I am very happy with the current setup. I am however, awaiting the arrival of my Er-4P to 4S adapter cable and some markertek mini to mini cables. I ordered the wrong markertek mini cable though and so when I get it I have to fill out the return form on the back of the packing slip and send the whole thing back and then await the arrival of the correct cable. Arrgh.......I'm also waiting for JMT to get to my name on his request list so he can build my CHA 47. <sigh>.....Well, very soon hopefully I should achieve portable bliss as well.......If only I could decide on a bag to put it all in.
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Acid.....do you think the fact that you're hearing a lot more from your CDs is solely due to the D25S, or is it the Etys as well? I have the SW-SL870, and although the D25S provides a slightly fuller sound to my ears, I don't feel it blows the 870 away at all.
If only I could decide on a bag to put it all in.
I'm using a $14.99 Case Logic bag of nice, soft simulated leather with room for an amp (front-pocket) CDP (middle compartment) and a third compartment stores a few CDs in cases. I cut a small hole between the front pocket and the middle compartment for the mini-to-mini connection. Works great!
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Joe, I think it's the D-25S. I used the ER4S with the Pan 860 and they sounded kinda shrill on the top end and were lacking detail. Once I connected my D-25S the top end was sweet and I heard a lot more detail.

I use a Polaroid bag which holds everything just great.
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This is terrible! Our biggest hard-core Ety hater has converted somehow.

Now we need to find a new Ety hater to conform with other teams otherwise people will begin to think there is something strange indeed about Etymotics.
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Whoa, you're using the HPA-2 as a portable? I thought it was a bit too big to be used as a portable... How big is it really?
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How does the ER4S sound strait out of the Sony D-25S?
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D-25S and Ety's

I'm still waiting for my ety 4p to 4s adapter cable so I haven't had a chance to hear the 4s straight out of the d-25s yet. However, once I get it I'll be sure to post my impressions. I'll have to use the ety 4s straight out of the d-25s until jmt finishes building my amp.
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Ety staight from D25S

Ety 4S sounds good straight out of D25S IMHO, detailed, good midrange, fine bass. I volume up only 3-4/max and it's loud enough. By the way, since I have 2 units of D25S, I found that the two, out of H/P jacks, sound different. I don't know why. Maybe the latter might not be burned in yet (but I do like the current sound of the second unit , more open and better high )

Bottom Line : Ety 4S and D25S are good match, enjoyable.

good days

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Finally got my ety 4s

Well....sort of....today I finally received my ety 4p to 4s adapter cable. After a few listens, I can already tell that the 4s has a much deeper bass extension than the 4p, and is a lot smoother as well. I will always love the 4p for its introduction to the world of ety sound to me, but the 4s is definitely a better sounding headphone IMO.

Now all I have to do is wait a week for my JMT amp to arrive and things will really start to get interesting.
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So, if I was to eventually get the 25S, what kind of portable power source should I use? One guy's got some lead acid thing, while others are using something else...
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Power Source for D-25S

So, if I was to eventually get the 25S, what kind of portable power source should I use? One guy's got some lead acid thing, while others are using something else...
When you ask what power source to use, do you mean what type of battery? Because the D-25S has a specific battery put out by Sony that is designed to be used with it. AA batteries won't work, AAA batteries won't work, 9V won't work. Right now I'm using it as a home unit with a Radio Shack AC adapter (9V 800 mA) and the "M" plug adapter tip.

Here's the link to the sony page where you can find the part # for the battery. Just enter BP-2EX (it's the model number for the Sony battery designed for the D-25S) in the Search by Part field and hit enter and it should take you directly to the page where you can get info on and purchase the Sony battery. Hope this helps.
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Whoops forgot the link

Here's the link: http://servicesales.sel.sony.com/service/homepage.htm
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Originally posted by Reticuli
So, if I was to eventually get the 25S, what kind of portable power source should I use? One guy's got some lead acid thing, while others are using something else...
I'm the guy with the lead acid thing

Get a wall wart from Radio Shack for times when you will be near an outlet for long periods.

You can buy the BP-2EX to go IN the player. This is the ONLY battery that works INSIDE the 25. I am reading it gets 2-4 hours play on a charge.

You can buy, borrow, or build an external battery pack. With a battery pack, all that matters is that you can get a nice steady 7.2-9v@600mA out of it for the duration of your listening time. Typically, the bigger the pack (heavier) the longer it will work.

I have access to a lot of rechargable batteries and use a pack that fit the bill. It measures 1.5x2.5x4.5 inches and I charge it twice a week. Weighs a couple pounds and is uuugglly, but it just sits in my tool box (I'm a computer geek) and I have a pocket for the player and phones when I go to the other office.

One more note: the D25 will run down an EXTERNAL battery if it is left connected to it.

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