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Monster Turbine Pro Copper supertips

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I am look to buy the supertips that come with the Monster Turbine Pro Copper. Please let me know if you have the foam and thank you.

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You can still buy them from various online retailers, including Amazon.  If you only want the foam tips or the newer, tapered gel tips, you can find these pretty much anywhere.  It's harder to find the original (spherical) gel tips, but there are sellers that still have some stock of these too. Here's my experience with the various tips (from best to worst):


1) Spherical gel supertip - these are easily the best tips for any Monster Turbine!

2) Foam supertip (not as comfortable as the spherical gel tips and the sound quality takes a slight hit)

3) Sony hybrid tip (comfortable, but has a tendency to slightly over-emphasize the bass with these headphones)

4) Original silicon triple-flange tip (fair isolation, have a tendency to fall off the post and get lost in your ear canal!)

5) Single-flange tip (again, isolation is only average)

6) Comply foam tips. Although I love Comply foam tips with other IEMs, in the turbines they cause an unacceptable treble roll-off.

7) Newer, tapered gel tip.  These are a disaster. Good luck getting them to fit or stay in your ear.

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Thank you so much can you tell me more about silicone single fange tips

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The silicon (single and triple flange) tips come with all Monster Turbine headphones (regular and pro models). Many people find they give good sound. Personally, I don't think the sound isolation they offer is that good and I also find they irritate my ear canals - especially the triple flange tips - you insert these a lot further into the ear canal than with any other type of tip. If you want a silicone tip, check out the Sony hybrid tips. They're a step-up from the stock Monster silicone tips. They're very comfortable!

But don't give up on the supertips - they are better, both in terms of comfort and sound quality. If you get a chance, try comparing regular Monster Turbines with the pro models using the same supertips on both. You'll find the sound very, very similar :-)
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Can you talk about silicone eartips of any brand or in general

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I'm not the best person to talk about silicone eartips.  Other than the Sony Hybrids, I'm not a fan of silicone tips. Sound isolation and sound quality are better with other tips (Comply foam, Monster Suptertips, etc.)


If you have Monster Turbines (regular, gold or copper), the only tips you should even be considering are Monster's Supertips.  I prefer the original (round) gel supertips, but the foam are good too. Don't insult your copper turbines by putting silicone tips on them. Seriously.

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I don't own turbines but i like their tips

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Monster supertips are great on Monster Turbines, but they're not the ideal choice for every type of IEM.  What do you have?

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Sorry, I've no experience with those IEMs. I can't tell you if supertips are the best choice there.

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