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For Sale or Trade: Grado SR325is in SR80 cups

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For Sale or Trade:
Grado SR325is in SR80 cups

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi! Up for sale or trade is my pair of FrankenGrados. I took a pair of SR325is drivers (there's a serial number on the driver housing if you want proof) and its cable and put it on my blown pair of SR80's cups. The result, when comparing them to an actual SR325is is that they're less shrill sounding, and have more filled in mids. It's actually pretty great sounding overall, better than an SR225.


Since used SR225's go for about $140ish, I figure paying $10 more for an improved version wouldn't be too bad. I was going to woodie them and sell them for $250, but the buyer can do that and pick their favorite type of wood too.


I'll also trade them for a portable amp, but I'd rather have cash.

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For Sale or Trade: $80 (USD)
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Pictures are up!

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I'm not so much interested in buying these as I am by the fact that you put SR325i drivers in an SR80 enclosure. Wouldn't the plastic lessen the sound quality (more reverb, grain, etc.)? I don't know this, it just surprises me to see a better driver put in what most would consider an inferior housing. Maybe you could answer so that potential buyers would be better educated?

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Well short answer is that I had both SR325is drivers and a blown pair of SR80s not being used so I figured I'd combine the two. I actually think it sounds better. One of the main complaints about the SR325is that I have is that it can be too harsh because of the metal cups. The plastic's less rigid frame allows for a warmer sound (kind of like why the RS1 sounds warmer than the other Grados), but it is less detailed than the SR325, hence the fact that I priced it much lower than an actual SR325.

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