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Hey guys, I'm kind of new to this site and I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the correct place right now. If I'm not, please move this. I recently purchased a pair of K712s, so far I'm loving them but I've encountered a problem with the left ear cup where it starts buzzing/rattling during certain music cues. I know it might be hair and I've checked under the velour pad. There doesn't seen to be anything wrong there. I've also blown (wind from my mouth) into the driver and under the pad and it does seem to have an effect on which cues the buzzing effects but it still persists.

So i tried opening the cage to the driver, unscrewed the screws off the lid, but I cannot seem to get the damn lid off to get to the driver. The instruction manual thing on AKG's website tells me to "press both sides of lid 9 until the latches get visible" This is where they completely lost me. If anyone knows how to open this thing and can tell me, that would be fantastic.  


If anyone wants pictures please ask and ill get them as well!