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Balance across wide genre

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Hello and thank you for reading my post.


Firstly, I love music but I don't really have any knowledge regarding the science of audio.

I purely enjoy the artistic and emotional portion of it. I cant go out and test many headsets, so I am relying

on you guys who have the science portion of music figured out. Please help me.


I currently have Ultrasone DJ pro ( I have had for about 8 years) and It seems to be cracking up so I am

looking for my next set of headphones.


I listen to a wide, wide variety of music, Data is below


5% jazz (Mainly vocal Jazz)

10% classical (I love Mahler)

15% Japanese pop music (including anime songs, Cocco, Kokia, Bonnie Pink, Clammbon, supercar, qururi, etc)

15% Psychedilic/goa trance (infected mushroom, GMS, shpongle, etc, wizzynoize, protoculture, etc)

15% chillout/ambient (chilled euphoria type, tycho, rei harakami, mum, buddha bar series)

5% 90's punk/ska melodic rock (NOFX, No use for a name, bad religion, less than jake, MXPX, hi-standard, kemuri, etc)

15% Post rock ( Radiohead, Worldendgirlfriend, sigurros, mogwai, toe, no.9 etc)

15% Electronic variety (Chicane, Squarepusher, Amon-tobin, underworld, towa tei,  system 7, safri duo, royksop,etc)

5% 90's hardcore (Slipknot, deftones, rage against the machine etc)

5% Non-agressive Hiphop ( Nujabes, Funky DL, etc)


I am looking for a single headset (Headset or earplugs) that will give my the best listening experience of the above type of music.

I understand that this is a difficult request but would highly appreciate any input, advice, suggestions from you guys who understand sound.


MY budget absolute maximum is 700 USD. I will be using the headset on an classic ipod or iphone 90% of the time.

I need a closed type so that the sound does not disturb others on public transport.


Thanks for you help in Advance



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Polk audio ultrafocus 8000
Shure 1540 (there are complaints about isolation for this)
Donscorpio dolphin
Soundmagic hp100
Yamaha mt220
Mr speakers mad dog
Mr speakers alpha dog
Pretty much all of these will need an amp.
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A fiio e11 or c&c bh2 with a fiio line out should work.
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Thanks for your reply, the polk seems to be interesting.


I never though of the amp solution, is getting a portable amp have more impact on sound than headphones?

I do not want to carry around a i-phone and amp, so if it would be more effective should I ditch the i-phone for

a better sounding mp3 player? If so would you be able to recommend me the one you feel is best?


Thanks so much for your help 

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The dacs in iphones are generally very good. The line out signal seems to be very neutral. You should be fine with an iphone and an amp. The polks do not need the amp as much as the rest. As for the difference, it really varies on the headphone used and most of the time the impedence. Generally, i wouldnt use headphones over 80 ohms with a portable player like an iphone. Its hard to drive a lot of these headphones with any reasonably priced portable players( astell&kern ak series players are definitely out)
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Since it is only 40 ohms, it should work fine with a portable player. It may benefit from a portable amp but it certainly wont be necessary
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Oh forgot to add a few others
Nad viso hp50
Focal spirit professional
Bowers & wilkons p7
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Thanks, there are so many choices you provided me with,

would you be able to go down to your top 3 recommendations and I will go try them out. 

Thanks again for your help

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Originally Posted by Zero25mg View Post

Thanks, there are so many choices you provided me with,
would you be able to go down to your top 3 recommendations and I will go try them out. 

Thanks again for your help
You probably wont find the donscorpio dolphin and soundmagic hp100 anywhere in stores.
For fun sounding (i havent heard all of these but there are comparisons and reviews for most of these)
Yamaha pro500
Polk audio ultra focus 8000
Donscorpio dolphin
Nad viso hp50
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Its probably a good idea to just try a monitoring or near neutral headphone and tell us what you think.
Try something like these in store
Koss prodj100
Akg k550
Sennheiser momentum
Shure srh 440 or 840
Sony mdr1r
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I will try what I can find out. 

Thanks for the advice

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