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Hey everyone ! So i have been quite happy about my HD558 + E10 for a few years now. However, I think i would like to upgrade my setup a little bit. 

I was thinking about upgrading my dac/amp rather than my headphones becouse i am really happy with them. EF2A is probably the one fitting in my price range, i probably could afford to get O2 + ODAC but where i live they are almost double the price and i am not sure i want to spend that kind of money without upgrading the headphones first. Is EF2A a good upgrade ? Will the tubes last long ? - Becouse i have no idea where to get replacement, i found some stores nearby that sell 6j1 but i would rather not deal with it in an upcoming year or so. 

Should i consider getting something like Fiio e07K or E017K with E09 ? Or maybe get a O2 and run it with my E10 for a while and then get odac ? OR should i consider buying better headphones and then look for a new dac ? If I was looking for a new headphones i would probably get something like HFM He-300/400 or maybe a HD650 - even more complicated getting amp for one of these but thats a different thread. I honestly dont know and there are so many questiong so i thought i could ask you guys. 

Please keep in mind that i dont live in UK/US and the prices here in Czech Republic are quite different and some things like magni/modi are not sold here unless i would buy them via amazon UK and i am not exactly a big fan of the prices of international shiping and WAT. I would love to hear any opinions. :) THANKS