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For Sale: Phones, amps, DAP and cables

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For Sale:
Phones, amps, DAP and cables

Will Ship To: US only

some things I might be willing to part with, not getting much use and I am always looking to try others


check my profile 



Monster Miles Davis- new in box -  SOLD

Shure SE535 -bronze- got new  ear pieces back from Shure - yet to open with old cable and box - SOLD

Philips Fidelio X1- new in box- $175

Hifiman HE 500 - second owner -$450

HE6 - second owner - this is an early edition/ version $725
Mr. Speakers Mad Dog 3.2 (Custom Red)- terminated with 4 pin Blalance XLR- second owner- $225

AKG Q701 -black - $135


Fio X5- second owner -$335

will with a single 64GB sd card - will be glad to leave the songs on it 


Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball and upgrades; professionally assembled -$599

Emotiva a-100 mini-X- $150


Heir Magnus 1 cable- a little discoloration by the tips- $75


Charleston Cable Company Audiophile - 3 ft UPOCC for Audeze LCD-2/LCD-3 4 Pin Balanced XLR- $40

BTG Audio Sunrise IEM cable for Westone W4- cable oxidation - got another one made for balance amp so no longer use- $40

Moon Audio Silver Dragon 10 ft cable with 4 pin male XLR connector for Hifiman -$275



PM for details , questions and offers . Pics per request


thanks for looking



Trades I am interseted in

Weston WR

balance cabled for Sennheiser HD 800/ 650

upper end USB to SPDIF converter 

Ibasso DX90

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just a btw, there are two monster miles davis iems:

trumpet and tribute. very different from each other, you gotta specify which one yours is :D

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Updated with prices. thanks

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