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Hello Headphones Forum

I wish to start by telling my background short as I can.

I conceder myself Audiophile since the 90's when I worked in Hi Fi store that my father owned it made me 'addicted to sound'.

Headphones 'addiction' came only in the year 2000 till then I was into loudspeakers,amp's,recivers,CD players, cables and so.


That is my review on the B&W P7 that I have the honor to lessen, judge and provide help for those that are planning to upgrade their sound of music.


Right out of the box you will smell the leather like new expensive shoes.

The built quality is SUPERB. The headphones are not light-weight but not too heavy as well.

They are not extremely comfort and starts to get pressure on the head/ears after like one hour, less or more.

My ears personally can fit well inside the pads, but those who want to purchase those headphones I suggest try and find them on demonstration in some local store and have a check if your ears fits  well because reviews said that they have problems with the sizes and measurements of the ear-fit.

P7 runs on one cable the cable is well made it’s a 3.5mm not heavy or thick. You get 2 cables – one with a remote for apple devices and one without. also a coordination for 6.3mm PL and manual overview of the headphone

In the box includes a very nice and unique case for the headphones, the headphones can 'go in themselves' like the senn's PX 100

The leather pads can be remove both and replace if need so. Up,down and from the sides all leather made. including aluminum steel with the B&W proudly carved.

Now for the Sound:

Burn in takes very quickly like two days at the most.

I used my Laptop Asus professional computer with the B&O sound card powers my laptop sound inside and out. The sound was between Bad to Good only. Plugged the Fiio e11 to my laptop the sound became even below bad..

The bass preformed way too bassy and sounded so ugly.even when I played with the EQ and with couple of different music players nothing improved. I was terrified and switched to my cell phone (Samsung S4) with the Fiio e11 of course. The sound was better, after burn in for about two days the sound became from Good to Great.

I will start with the Mids –

Preform great! Truly great. Not too forward or backwards but have their own spot in the spectrum of the music.

I will give it from 0-10

Mids – 10

Treble – As Shure known for their mids that hard to beat. The B&W known for the Highs. The preform of the treble is absolutely beautiful from all my past and present headphones that I use in ear on ear and over the ears! The p7  has the BEST

They are sparkling! Well controlled not piercing or hurting. Sometimes I have a feeling of surround or 3D sound

Treble will get – 10!

The Bass –

Reminds me a little bit of the tight bass of the Audio Technica 50W

The bass is good to great depends on the file quality of the song. It can be over starched and ugly sometimes but overall good and doesn't interfere with the rest of the music spectrum.

Bass will get – 7 to 8

Soundstage – I was afraid that the P7 will lack of it but to my surprise it has a lot and its great!

Soundstage will get – 9

I hear from Classic to Heavy metal, rock, pop, trance and on and on except opera(lol), if I come to think about it I hear all types of music. But were the headphones really shines will be (after my experience) in – POP (the 80's) and heavy metal and for that I am truly happy, because that’s the music that I like and hear the most.

I was disappointed and surprised (as a bad surprise) that the P7 don’t work well with my Laptop, that's my main working station but I won't gave up yet, I will try to connect different types of DAC's and update the review when time will come.

Overall –

I am truly glad and happy with the P7.  B&W did a terrific job in both quality and sound. They are close Headphones but feels like open. They leak sound a bit and they look big on the head so they are not the type close headphones that I can walk with the street. 

I didn’t had the honor to put them against NAD Visco Keff headphones or the B&O H6. but against HD600 – HD650 even HD800 momentum and more - they give a hell of a fight.

Thank you for reading I will update that review when I will run a check with different kind of amp's DAC's when I will have the chance

Shay W.