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Hi guys!

I've been reading as a guest in this forum for quite some time and I guess it's about time to join in! :D


Anyways, I'm looking for a new  headphone (upgrade)[dunno if it's an upgrade since I'm coming from an IEM]! I sure do love the sound quality of my SE215 but I feel that my earphones is nearing its end, as you all know because of the cable issues. Its been almost 3 years since I had my 215s so I've grown to love it. :)


So can I ask what are good headphones as an upgrade to my Shure SE 215s?

here are my specs:
-around $200 budget ( I can go as high as Beyerdynamic's COP) but no more than that

-MUST be an upgrade from SE215s quality

-good bass (but not too strong as I am no bass head) [i just want it felt but not too much]

-detailed mids

-balanced performance
-not looking for portability as I am just going to use it around the house
-preferably works great without an amp (though I will be buying one somewhere later this year[as in around 4th quarter])

-noise isolation is not necessary



I pretty much listen to a great range of music



-Game OSTs

-jazz (sometimes)

-70s(blame my father for that hahaha)

-oh forgot to mention i'll be using this for games too [mostly]


I've looked around headfi and here are some of the cans that seem to fit:
-Custom One Pro
-grado 225 (listened to this one and its seems good. Although its touching my ears so its a bit annoying)


Your opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!