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Upgrading from SONY MDR-1R - advice needed! Max budget 400$.

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I currently own the SONY MDR1-R, but I'm not really satisfied with it, mainly because it doesn't extend deep at all in the bass.

So I'm looking for an upgrade.

I listen to many genres, but mostly electronic (all kinds: trance, house, dubstep, vocal trance, trap, alternative, and many more).

I really enjoy punchy, deep, tight, detailed well-extended bass (which is why I don't really enjoy my current MDR-1R), but I don't want the bass to dominate the overall sound balance, like it does on the Beats by Dre (IMO).

So I really want to still have a great non-recessed midrange, that can make vocals sound lively.

The treble must also be well extended, so the overall sound feels balanced with good resolution, clarity and detail.

I also enjoy a wide soundstage, especially because I'll also use my new headphones for competetive gaming (CS:GO), and also of course because a larger soundstage makes the music sound more immersive.

My max budget is 400 $. It's a must that the headphones are closed-back and provides decent noise isolation.
I'm mainly gonna use the phones directly plugged into a X-Fi Titanium HD in my PC:

Giving my preferences, which of the following headphones (or maybe something else) would you recommend me:

Audio Technica ATH-M50x
Sennheiser Momentum
AKG K545

Thanks in advance!

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I am sorry the MDR-1R does not do it for you :( The Denon AH-D600 may suit you well. Its more bassy and goes deeper than 1R. Soundstage and imaging wise, both remain comparable. 


Hope it helps


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If you end up not liking the D600 for any reason(s), try K545 afterward.
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I had the MDR-1r, and while it has some great qualities I felt the same way. It just does not extend low enough, and the quality of the bass was not their. Other than that fantastic. My in-ear Sony MDR-Ex600 a also beat it in most respects, except the MDR-1r did present a better overall image of the sound.

I went the Denon AH-D600 route, and I can still compare them against the MDR-1r as I got one for a workmate. The Denon sound is overall more refined, and the bass goes deep, and is controlled. It's also very comfy, and isolates quite well. You get a high end cable and iPhone compatible cable with a very nice carrying bag.

They don't require an amp, but a good source and DAC helps. I have noticed that direct out of my iPhone the D600 exhibits a 'pumping' sound, like each bass note sucks some energy away from the rest of the dynamic range. With the headphone amp, the bass is more solid, and the rest of the sound remains cohesive.
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