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Office Theft

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Hey guys/ girls

I just need to rant somewhere... So I've been off work for sometime due to illness and decided that I needed to try and get back to work one day a week anyway stupid me decided to take my Sony XBA-4's and my Icon uDAC-2 in so for my one day I could still have decent stuff.

Well last week I went into work and lo-and-behold they had been taken. I had them in my desk drawer (locked but a very generic key i.e. easy to get into). I told the manager and the best response I got was to send an e-mail and it was my fault for leaving them in my desk.

This is very frustrating because even though these items are small I am on crutches and can't carry much weight hence the reason for leaving them at my desk.

Anyway has anyone else had similar experiences (so I don't feel too bad)

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Hopefully this will make you fell better. A few years ago I had my Iriver MP3 player and Ray Samuels Hornet portable amp stolen along with about $1500 (US) worth of Nikon camera gear stolen from me when someone smashed my car window.

I loved my Iriver MP3 player and the rest of the stuff so it was pretty bad. My sympathy goes to you and anyone who had their stuff stolen. It's highly annoying, insulting and a kick to the groin but the good news is that you will eventually get over it and life will move on and other good things will run into ya.
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That Man/Woman will not live in peace , take it easy ....might be for the good ! 

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That's awful.. :(


Sorry to hear that.


I once had an iMod + amp + Westone 3s stolen, a few years ago.. Not a great feeling

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I'm sorry to hear that man. That's just terrible.

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MrTA is correct , theft is the most cowardly and pathetic level of crime

Thieves are their own worst enemies and inevitably end up sharing a cell with a toothless guy named betty 

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