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Hi Everyone:


 New to this forum and I should say I'm really not a headphone guy in the past, or maybe I shouldn't say that. but.......

Many say with my Panels setup in nearfield it can be like head phone. My system has been in storage for the most part of 2 years! :O(

Because of my living situation, I'm not sure when I will be able to set it up. ( Custom Acoustat X with modified  Acoustat Direct drive tube amps.)


 In about 2 months I will be looking at getting into a nice pairs of cans and I need help. Budget will be about $1000. including amp and comfort is a key! I had some Stax many years ago and sold them because... well they hurt my ears. Not that I look like Dumbo, but I had a problem with my right ear, the hearing is fine, but have to be careful with comfortable fitting headphones.


 I"m not the rocker I once was, but I have my moments, I like jazz, blues, some classical, newage, world, vocals.


To me music can also be a forum of meditation, and I'm far overdue!!


The last few years I try to stay away from online forums for the most part, because, well it's rough without my system, and I have had enough!!  It's time to get back into some good tunes with some good gear!!


 I am a panel guy and just curious if anyone has heard the new cans by Oppo, as a new player in this market, how do they measure up. Looking forward to your input and recommendations.


 Thanking you in advance!



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