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For Sale:
ifi iUSB + ipurifier + Black Cat Silverstar USB Cable combo - awesome!

Will Ship To: US and Canada

ifi - iUSB:


ifi - ipurifier:


Black Cat silverstar USB cable:


IFI products are in new condition.

iUSB + ipurifier used under 5 hours on my DAC. 

Black Cat USB Cable is 24" version (sold out everywhere) used around 300 hours.  

This cable is simply amazing..

I sold all my other USB cables namely

AQ Coffee, diamond, Pangea, Silnote poseidon, Silver Starlight after hearing black cat silverstar.

check out this review:

competes with many other $600-700 USB cables out there.


This combo will help clean out the PC generated noise on most DACs out there..

Someone I know has $5000 Luxman da-06 persuaded me to purchase IFI products as he benefited

greatly after using ifi iusb and ipurifier in his system.


Now my honest reason for selling...

my DAC (exasound e20 mk III with femto clock) already has extensive USB power + data isolation built in

with 11 linear power filtering stages.

so ifi products are simply redundant in my system, I just bought them to check out..  

As well my main system will soon receive Sony HAP-Z1ES which does not require USB cable at all. 


Selling them as a combo deal for now. 



If my asking price is met, I am willing to ship them to anywhere US + Canada for free.

Not willing to ship outside CONUS. Paypal fee is also included!

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