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For Sale:
Light Harmonic Geek 450: Wallet Revival

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Truly, this sale is only CPR for my wallet. I'd keep it if I could. 


I just moved into a new apartment complex that is MUCH nicer than my old one, but the deposit made me cough up blood when I heard it. As a student, I am now temporarily in financial ruin and I need to offload some things to revive myself.


The Geek is so much better than what I've heard from the portable source world. I have compared the likes of the HM-901, ZX-1, Studio V, and Fiio X5, and the Geek is truly far ahead of them in every way I can think of. I had to start laughing when I first plugged my phones into it. Believe me, I don't want to sell it. I'll probably repurchase one when my bank account is less anemic.


The price includes shipping anywhere in the CONUS via priority mail. I would love a quick sale, if possible. PM me with questions.