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Hey guys, I have these babies now a few months and love them :) I have always preferred the velour pads however from day one , mostly because i just found them a little more comfortable. However today i realised they have gathered alot of dust etc so i decided i would change them and put the pleather pads on them for now and during the process i somehow managed to pull the inner circular piece of foam out from one of the pads and assuming it would be hassle to put it back in, i then removed it from the second pad and put them both on ....


Ive no idea if its all in my head (maybe because i was so used to the velour pads) or if removing the inner piece of foam has made a difference but iam convinced the sound is noticeably different but i cannot figure out if its for the better or worse ha 


Part of me feels like they have gone up a notch in clarity , possible reduction in bass but iam really not sure!! 


Just wondering if anyone else has also removed the inner piece of foam from the pleathers and if they noticed an improvement for the better or worse? 


This has got me in the mood to experiment now and iam thinking about cleaning the velours and putting the foam piece inside them and seeing what they sound like although i cant help but think that if theyre was a change in sound it would be negligible and therefore this is all in my head? haha