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paradigm headphones

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Paradigm h15 or h15nc

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As far as I can tell, you are asking whether to get a noise cancelling model or not get a noise cancelling model. Noise cancelling can potentially give you a worse sound quality, and it is generally better to go for high isolation as opposed to active noise cancelling. It isn't worth the money to get the noise cancelling unless you really need it for some reason,

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My experience with the Paradigm h15nc is that first of all it was uncomfortably pressured on my ears, secondly it didn't cancel noise when canceling was turned on at all, and third it was very boomy.  I thought I had gotten a bad pair since it did not liken to the quality of Paradigm but the second pair had the exact same problems.  Returned and never looked back.  I own Paradigm MilleniaOne CT desktop speakers which they also call reference and the sound signature is nothing the same.  The desktop speakers are awesome but the headphones were quite poor.  Maybe they will fix some of these issues in their next generation.


For the same price plus or minus get the Sony-7520 which are much more comfortable, built much better, isolate much better even without noise canceling, and have true studio reference quality sound.  They are also efficient enough to not need any amplification portably.

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